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06. 국제 경영 컨설팅

국제 경영 컨설팅

해외 진출이나, 투자, 수출, 수입 등 

국내를 떠나 해외로 진출하시는 많은 중소기업 여러분들의 어려움을 해결해 드리고 있습니다. 

해외 회사 합병이나, 투자에 대해 관련 문제점을 파악, 해결책을 제시해 드립니다. 

위험요소와 법적 문제점을 찾아 거래가 원활히 진행될 수 있도록 중재 합의도 진행합니다. 

​해당 국가의 법적 제한과 License 문제에 대한 조사와 해결책을 제시해 드립니다. 

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): 

Support in the design and implementation of ERM methodologies and approaches as well as in the assessment of known and emerging risks. 

Risk can take many forms across the entity, from the routine to catastrophic; the well known to the unknown. In the pursuit of growth in an increasingly global economy, an accelerating rate of change may be the only certainty. New technological and competitive forces; increased regulatory scrutiny and complexity; extended business models; increasing reliance on third-parties - these are but a few examples of areas of accelerating change and complexity confront companies today.

Risk resilient organizations must objectively assess their existing risk management capabilities, evaluate their organizational culture with regard to risk, performance and reward, and implement sustainable risk management practices.

We can help you:

  • Identify and assess risk to the achievement of your business objectives

  • Assess the effectiveness and efficiency of current risk responses against the full breadth of strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks

  • Reduce cost and improve effectiveness of governance, risk and compliance activities

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your risk culture

  • Align risk strategy with performance

  • Support development of risk transfer strategies

  • Assess, design, or implement enterprise risk management capabilities

Accumulated Practice

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